The sketchbooks I love and a new challenge

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Do you keep a sketchbook? Do you use it daily, weekly or occasionally?  I never used to keep a sketchbook preferring to use simple printer paper sheets and black pen but I am now a huge fan of the sketchbook.  I have tried lots of different sizes over the years along with different brands and papers. Spiral and stitched.  Hardback and soft back.  

I think I've found the perfect sketchbook for me (at least for now) 

I like an A4 (8x10) hardback stitched sketchbook. It also has to be not too expensive as I find I get overly precious about creating ugly work in an expensive sketchbook.

I like to keep my sketchbook as a concept sketchbook.  It's where I put my ideas and where I develop them. It's where I can play with colour combinations and texture ideas and currently it's where I practice my lettering.  It also where I can look back and see what I enjoyed making, what I love and want to do more of and what I don't love so I don't repeat the same things.

I recently completed a 100 day challenge and I love the energy I get from working in this structured way.  Thats not to say I found it easy to complete the 100 day challenge. 

This week I am starting a brand new challenge. #52weeksofsketchbooks for the next 52 weeks I will set time to be creative just for fun.  I will complete a page in my sketchbook over the course of a week.  I want to push my drawing skills, play with colour and continue to find my voice. 

I would love it if you join me along the way or set up your own challenge.   It’s going to be so much fun. I cannot wait to see what you draw.  I will be working on my page daily and posting my work on a Sunday but you can choose any day that fits into your schedule.

Remember to use the hashtag #52weeksofsketchbooks when you post your work so that we can all see it.

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