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I am now finishing week 3 of the #52weeksofsketchbooks sketchbook challenge and I wanted let you know about some of the sketchbooks and art supplies that I love to use.

The sketchbook I am using for this challenge is an A4 portrait sketchbook.  It is hard backed and stitched (case bound).  The paper is 170gsm white cartridge paper and it is smooth to touch.  This would not be suitable for watercolours or gouache but is perfect for me as I am wanting to use it as a concept sketchbook using colour pencils. There are 46 pages and it is made in the UK. - The 46 pages mean it a little small for the challenge but I guess I can just start a new one.


Sketchbook image Edith MayI am really enjoying working on an A4 size page - This is bigger than I used to use but still not as overwhelming as A3 or A2 sized.  I also like the idea that I will be able to store it easily on my bookshelf to refer to later.  The paper works well with the pencils and I like the case bound as I find that spiral bound pages can move around and smudge the pencil marks.

The pencils I am using for this challenge are Caran D'Ache Pablo Pencils.  They are really good quality and have a good amount of pigment.  This means that the colours are vibrant - which is something I love.  I will definitely be getting some more but will probably buy them individually or maybe buy a different set as there are a few colours (browns) that I am not using much.  My most used colours are light olive, malachite green and grass green.

week 1 #52weeksofsketchbooks Edith May

If you would like to know more about the challenge you can visit this post and follow on Instagram.  I upload every week on a Sunday. If you are going to join me on this challenge please use the #52weeksofsketchbooks so that I can see your work too. Do not worry about joining late, showing up and enjoying time with your sketchbook is what matters most.  


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